Treading Water

Life has lately felt much like the song, ‘your drums you love’ by Alunageorge. Because it feels like I’ve been treading water just to get back someone’s love or to where I was and whether or not I sink or swim, it’s always you I’m thinking of. But maybe I’m just having one of those emotional, vulnerable moments because feelings always get in the way. But life just hasn’t been the same without you in it.¬†All I want to do is tell you how much I miss you. But I can’t, I won’t, there’s no point as it won’t change a thing. It will just seem sad, pathetic, and desperate. This is just another one of those moments where the pen is not mightier than the sword. Where you don’t pass go and don’t collect 200 dollars. But, I miss it all. Your voice, your laugh, your touch, your warmth, our banter, our chemistry, our synchronicity, our rapport, our sameness, our symmetry. But most importantly you.I was the happiest when I was with you but I’ve probably lost you forever and there is no getting back to you.