Lost Love

I was just browsing through my facebook feed and saw that one the little sister of one of my friends was just engaged and is getting married. I now officially feel too old. Why? because she is young, in fact, too young in my opinion to be getting married. Here I am at the ripe age of 27 while people I went to school with and what seems almost everyone around me is either married, getting married, or having kids, it only leaves me to question myself. What am I doing with myself? My life? I had the opportunity to join the ranks of the many, the married, but I guess I screwed up. I missed my shot as I guess I waited to long to put a ring on it? Or in the paraphrased words of Kanye, “To lock that love down” I don’t know, I’m just left with five lost years of my life that I will never get back. No big deal. I sound bitter. Maybe because I slightly am. But that’s another story for another time. But regardless of how long I took to pop a silly question, what the fuck does that matter? When you love someone and you know you want to be with them, “titles” or materialistic things such as that shouldn’t matter. All that should matter is the fact that you’re with them and that you’re committed to them.


I suck at this.

I meant to be writing almost daily in this, but it seems life has consumed me lately. So much to the point of where I have hardly anytime to breathe and I am just living to breathe or breathing to live. So here I am trying to make the most of what limited time I have. I suppose that in a sense is good because it’s helped to keep my mind busy rather than allowing it to be free to think about anything that could or would potentially make me sad and slump back into an episode of depression.